Have a spirit-filled and successful September

September 2, 2020

Full Corn Moon in Pisces. 2nd September 2020

It’s time to release, take a breath and praise yourself for all of your successes, challenges and lessons learned throughout the last 12 months (as the zodiac year always ends with Pisces). So often we don’t give ourselves the recognition or gratitude to feel proud of our growth & ascension. As Summer turns to Autumn in the northern hemisphere, this new flow and cycle of abundance means time to shed the old layers of foliage to give the new life space to flourish and bloom. Cleanse your space and remove what is old and no longer in alignment to your Higher Self and who you truly are. Close the door to all that is not the highest and best for you, including lower vibrational frequencies and people. Connect to the light, your most loved ones and nature, dance and celebrate, be free. Vision a yellow orange light around you, cleansing your aura.

Healing Plants: Marigold and Orange & Yellow flowers
Oil: Frankincense
Archangels Sandalphon: encouraging you with poetry, music & prayers.
Metatron: Helping you through this transition.
Goddess of the moon Isis: Bringing you empowerment

Understand how to integrate spiritual practices into your daily life, to live more mindfully and connected to your true Self.



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