Have An Outstanding October

October 1, 2020

October Harvest Full Moon 2020.

Oils: myrrh, Amber
Archangel Gabriel: helps with birth, conception, pregnancy, children, adoption, counselling, xommunication, sensitivity, teachers, actors.
Kuan Yin: “remember that your Sun shines no matter the season”
Flowers: green & blue

Message channelled by Seher:

We are coming to the end of a transitional year where we have harvested the seeds for the coming golden age of the New Earth and higher frequency living. Keep letting go of the old season to bring in new fruits to your forest. Remove yourself from any harsh or toxic energies and people. Take time alone for yourself and let go of old thoughts, patterns and baggage to create clarity and motivation. Start to think of new goals as Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac, time to start fresh. Energies are low untill after the full moon but keeping active is good unless your body is telling you to relax, rest and retreat if you have to. Kundalini energy is rising.

The bees and others in the animal kingdom are getting ready to sleep for winter while we prepare for a new cycle, new plans, new dreams new, goals. Set a safe space for you to go inwards and speak to yourself with love in any moments where you are frozen in time. To the you in that past moment, go there to heal yourself and check in with that younger you. Remind yourself how far you have come and feel the shower of unconditional love, protection and guidance that the universe has for you. Take your time for honouring yourself and integrate back into the now when you are ready. The dust is settling. You are as full as the beautiful moon

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