Release & Reset

ThetaHealing® founded by Vianna Stibal in 1995, is one of the fastest and most profound healing modalities with instant results at a cellular level through the science of quantum physics and epigenetics. The theta brainwave which the practitioner goes into, is a slow relaxed state of altered consciousness, where receptors to emotions and feelings can be created.

Reprogram with new empowering beliefs which are best for YOU and clear blocks in any areas of your life
During a session, the practitioner will speak to you about what you wish to work on and will make sure you are well hydrated with plenty of water. They will then go into the meditative theta state of consciousness, while connecting to Divine source energy of all that is and be shown what beliefs are limiting you from reaching your desired goals. These thoughts, patterns of behaviour and feelings that no longer serve you can be transformed to new beliefs that you and the practitioner will discuss are best for you. You can then consent to download the new beliefs and remove the old ones, a bit like a software update of your mind, body and soul. All the recipient needs to do is sit relaxed with their eyes closed, while the energy changes take place within moments. They may feel a gentle shift or a bit lighter or tingly, for example. It is common to think that healing is a painful and long process yet this is not the case with Theta Healing and many of Seher’s clients have described it as an instant, easy and joyful experience with everlasting life-changing results.

We each have our own belief systems which are stored in both our conscious and subconscious mind. The brain actually only uses between 5 to 10% of the conscious mind and so is governed by about 95% of the unconscious mind. This reflects on our behaviour and who we are, our perception and beliefs create our reality. This means what we think and feel affects what we are vibrationally projecting out into the world. Quantum physics shows that our energy and vibration is held within the physical body, cellular memory, DNA, energy field and matrix. As the Law of Attraction states, ‘Where attention goes, Energy flows’, so what we are creating in every area of our lives is run by hidden limiting beliefs which are like programs in our subconscious mind. This causes the cells in our body to react to each thought, whether it is conscious or unconscious, hence why it is so important to bring the issues to light and understand the root cause of them. The beliefs will have been picked up from childhood, from more present times, the collective consciousness, or could be on an ancestral level, or from another timeline. 

Sessions are for a minimum of an hour and a half, for maximum potential and follow ups can be booked whenever the client feels they need. A couple of sessions are recommended to get in the flow of the new version of You.

Some benefits you could experience from a THETA HEALING® SESSION

Transform physically, mentally and spiritually to your highest truth and most empowered self by shifting from the negatives to positives in any areas of your life, in an instant!

The therapies, training and services on this website are not offered as a cure or substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. The information provided on this website, expressed or implied, is not given as medical advice but for information purpose only. If you have a health problem, question or medical emergency you are advised to consult your doctor. 


FEE: £100 (1.5 hrs session)

There is a concession price available for healing- for children or patients having treatment for cancer and other selected illnesses. Please get in touch to find out more.

Distant healing is available with Seher performing one to one sessions via Skype/Zoom, which is just as effective as healing in person. Seher regularly puts on workshops and can be booked for retreats and spiritual parties where she can teach most of her practises, including working with your Guides, Spirit and Angels, Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development, Reiki and more.